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Greenhouse applications

Published: 2015-04-15

A very good example of such application is using our MULTICLEAR® 10 mm box structure clear with UV side facing the outside whilst the No Drop on the inside. Here the higher light transmission is paramount as every % increase will help directly the productivity of plant growth. The no drop effect stops moisture landing


Improved weather performance

Published: 2015-04-15

ATECH 3206 ABS/PMMA is developed with improved performance regarding weatherability. One of the most important indication for weathering of white sheets is the measurement of Yellowness Index which is directly related to dE (Delta E) which quantifies colour change. After accelerated weathering for 4860 hours QUVA (equal to 10 years outdoors) the results are striking


Building for the future

Published: 2015-04-15

  Plastic is a fantastic building material. To show what is possible to do we decided to decorate our new office in Borensberg with 5 kg/m2 Multiclear Ultra in various diffused colors fixed with aluminium glazing bars. The panels are back-lit using computer controlled multicolor environmentally friendly LEDs. In the picture the façade is glowing

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